Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I'm getting tired of the airbrushed models
on every cover of every teen book.
This book.  This.  Book.  Arrrrrrrgh.


Let me try that again.  This time I will try to describe my opinion of this book in actual words.  Here it goes.  And I warn you, whoever is reading this, that I don't have very pleasant things to say about this book.  The purpose of this post is purely to ramble about my feelings towards Shatter Me in the hopes it will make me feel better.  You have been warned.

I hate this book.  Hate hate hate hate hate this book.  There are so many things wrong with it.  The writing, for one thing, is terrible.  It's absolutely terrible.  I mean, I can't even...I can't even...gah!  It is literally a headache to read.  I tried reading it but I couldn't do it.  I forced myself to be fair and give it a try.  So I read the first several chapters.  And it was painful.  It hurt my eyes to read it.  I don't want to hurt Tahereh Mafi's feelings.  I'm sure she's a very nice person.  But her writing.  Is.  Horrendous.  I'm sorry, but that's honestly what I think.  I.  Could not.  STAND.  This.  Book.  The writing style killed me.  I need to go heal myself slowly by reading something, I don't know, Harry Potter or something.  Maybe The Hunger Games.  Maybe I'll reread Anne of Green Gables for the millionth time.  Or maybe The Scarlet Pimpernel.  Or Pride and Prejudice.  I don't know, I just need to get this awful awful awful book out of my head.  End of rant.  I feel a little bit better but the pain this book caused is still there.  I blame myself for forcing myself to give it a chance.


  1. Modern Teen novels just need to be completely rethought in general. Honestly they need better material, better editors, and some authors really should do something else. Like you say it is not that they are bad people it is just some of them cannot write.

    I vote go read Harry Potter.

    1. Exactly! Teen novels just need to stop sucking lol. I don't want to dislike the authors who write them. I tried really hard to like this book. But I couldn't do it. I think Harry Potter sounds like a great idea.