Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doctor Who Tag - Day One

When and why did you start watching Doctor Who, and what made you become a fan of it?

I have always known about Doctor Who because my dad grew up watching it.  When I was sixteen I decided to give it a try, and I watched the first four episodes of the second series with David Tennant, starting with The Christmas Invasion.  After watching those episodes, I didn't come back and watch more till I was seventeen.  I have been a fan of the show ever since.  I went into more detail about how I met Doctor Who here.

I'd say what made me a fan was the humor and the imagination and creativity that thrives in Doctor Who.  It's one of the few science fiction shows that captures my interest and intrigues me.  The well developed characters, inventive villains, brilliant plot lines, and unique concepts all meld together and make it a fascinating T.V. show.  For me, however, the characters, deep emotions, and complex  themes are the core of Doctor Who and run deep throughout it.  It's also an important show because of how culturally significant it has become, and because it brings people together, not to mention it has been on-going since 1963.  It's more than just a show.


  1. Doctor Who is my favorite TV show for any of the same reasons. The concept offers infinite possibilities and virtually no limits, but I agree that it is the characters and heart is what makes it timeless.

    As for how I became a fan, my father happened to see that a new sci-fi series was coming on TV one night in 2005 and that show happened to be Doctor Who, I have been a fan ever since.

    Hopefully I can get the tag started Sunday!


  2. Oh, so true! It's not just a show; it's a phenomenon!

    I just posted the first of mine! :)

  3. Just browsing through your Doctor Who tag :) Doctor Who & Sherlock are my favourite TV shows. I first started watching Doctor Who back in 2005 when it was revived but I was only a casual fan back then. I found the show kind of hard to get into during the RTD years. For every brilliant story there was (Blink, Human Nature/Family of Blood, etc) there was a terrible one (Aliens of London/World War Three, Love & Monsters, etc). Series Four is my favourite of the RTD years because it's the most consistent and Donna was my favourite companion. I LOVE her relationship with 10. But I much prefer the Steven Moffat years of the show. It wasn't until S5 that I went from being a casual fan to a true Whovian. And since then I've started watching Classic Who.