Sunday, July 14, 2013

A New Story

During all of summer so far, I've been working on a new story.  Over the years I've begun tons and tons of other stories, but the furthest any of them have gone is somewhere slightly above twenty pages.  I always start new stories because I always come up with new ideas, and I want to start writing them because I'm afraid that I'll forget them.  Because of this, I end up working on many stories at the same time.  This bothers my brother; whenever I announce that I've begun writing yet another story, he says something along the lines of "Better finish it this time".  However, this time, I think I really am going to focus on one story instead of several all at once.  I've done a lot of thinking and planning - I presently have two large posters covered with pages of notes and pictures, which cover so much of my wall in my room, that one could fit two large windows there.  One of my best friends writes stories as well, and we read each other's, comment on them, say what we like about them, and what we don't like, and help spot grammatical and spelling errors.  This story, which I've been calling "The New Story", as it does not have a title yet, is a little more personal.  I don't think I'll share it with anyone to read until most or all of it has been written.  My friend wanted to draw some of the characters in my New Story, so I described some of them to her.  Below is her drawing of one of my characters (she drew it with a marker on a whiteboard and took a picture of it).

My friend's drawing of one of my characters.
It was inspired by this picture of Vivien Leigh, which I found on Google Images and sent to my friend for guidance.

The picture above is from:

My writing is very character-based.  The first things that come to my mind are characters, dialogue, emotions, situations to put the characters in, and themes.  Coming up with a plot is the hardest part for me.  Currently, my New Story has an almost-plot.  I have yet to organize it, however.

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