Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doctor Who Tag - Day Three

Favorite theme songs

Doctor Who is filled with amazing music.  Below I have listed my favorite theme songs, number one being my most favorite.

3)  Doomsday
While I was watching Doomsday (the final episode of series two), I wondered why I was beginning to feel emotional, and then I noticed the music in the background.  I realized it was helping to set the mood and build up all the emotion.  The Doomsday theme is beautiful, but sad as well...maybe that was what made it so beautiful.

2)  I Am the Doctor
I feel light-hearted whenever I hear this theme song.  It just fills me with a happy joyous feeling, and I love how up-beat and adventurous-sounding it is.  It fits Matt Smith's Doctor perfectly.

1)  Amy Pond's theme
Every time I listen to Amy's theme a bunch of scenes come to mind all at once, and as a result I feel a lot of emotion.  Especially since the Ponds are gone now.  I miss the Ponds.  You could say I suffer from Post-Pond Depression.  Anyhow, Amy's theme is eerie, beautiful, enchanting, and emotional all at once.

And those are my favorite Doctor Who theme songs!


  1. As the 9th Doctor would say "Fantastic" choices!
    These are some of my favorite themes as well, particularly "I am the Doctor," that is kind of my "go to" music when I have writer's block.

    Another favorite of mine is Clara's theme, unfortunately it has not been officially released, or I haven't actually found the greatest quality video of it. I that theme though, it fits her character perfectly.


    1. I am the Doctor is a great song to dispel writer's block. I like Clara's theme quite a lot, too! I agree that her song fits her character very well.

  2. Good choices! I definitely agree about Eleven's theme, and Amy's is my second-favorite. :)

    1. Thanks! The 11th Doctor's theme is awesome. :)

  3. I LOVE Eleven's theme and Amy's my favourite theme for a companion. I also really, really, really love The Majestic Tale of a Madman in a Box :D It's pure epicness.