Saturday, July 20, 2013

Doctor Who Tag

As you can probably deduce from a post from not too long ago, I've been watching quite a lot of Doctor Who lately.  Then, a few days ago, an idea dawned on me.  Why not create a Doctor Who challenge for fun?

I came up with a series of questions, each one of which will be answered in a post one day at a time (the days don't have to all be strung together, for example one day you could answer the first question then wait a few days later to answer the second, but only one question can be answered in one day, so that the challenge can last longer).  Note:  I have since changed my mind about this rule.  Basically, do the challenge any way you'd like.  There aren't really any rules.  Also, there is no starting point I've decided upon, so begin the challenge whatever day you choose.

I also decided to make it a tag.  I've never created a tag before, so I haven't much practice at it, but as I understand it, tags involve tagging people (hence the name).  So, I am going to tag other bloggers I follow who I know (at least I'm pretty sure) watch Doctor Who.  If you are not on this list, and are a Doctor Who fan who would like to participate in the challenge, let me know in a comment.  If you are on this list and don't have time to do the challenge or are not interested in participating (for one thing, I think all or most of the bloggers I follow have been bloggers for a lot longer than I, so for all I know, you may well have already done a similar Doctor Who challenge like this before) let me know in a comment on this post.

I'm not sure if anyone else is going to do this challenge - if that ends up being the case, that's perfectly fine; I'll simply make it a personal series of posts and leave out the tag part.  I have only done one tag before, so I don't know whether or not this breaks a rule, but I am going to answer my own questions.  I have come up with twenty questions, one for each day, which makes this a 20-day challenge.

Below is a list of the people I'm tagging:

Magdalen Aithne Arkwright at Ginger and Rubies
Elizabeth at The Endless Road
Sarah at How to Watch a Movie
James The Movie Reviewer at J and J Productions
Hayden at The Story Girl

All of the questions are listed below:

Day 1 - When and why did you start watching Doctor Who, and what made you become a fan of it?
Day 2 - Favorite quotes
Day 3 - Favorite theme songs
Day 4 - Favorite episodes and favorite scenes/moments
Day 5 - Least favorite episodes
Day 6 - Favorite Doctors (or do you disagree with the idea of having a favorite Doctor, and like all of them equally?)
Day 7 - Favorite companions
Day 8 - Least favorite companions
Day 9 - The characters you relate to most
Day 10 - Favorite villains and the villains that frightened you the most
Day 11 - Least favorite villains
Day 12 - Funniest moments
Day 13 - Moments that made you cry
Day 14 - Saddest episode
Day 15 - Favorite friendship
Day 16 - Favorite couple 
Day 17 - Favorite actor
Day 18  - Favorite actress
Day 19 - Favorite writer
Day 20 - What actor you would like to play the 12th Doctor

That's all for now! :)

Some cool Doctor Who-related videos...


  1. This is so exciting – thanks for tagging me! It'll be so much fun!!

    1. I'm so happy you want to participate in the challenge!! :)

  2. To answer your question, yes I will participate in this tag because this looks very cool. Great questions, I will try to post the tag is five questions in a post and I will hopefully start the tag next Sunday. :) Cool videos, that Doctor Who musical is hilarious!


    1. I look forward to reading your answers to the questions! I love the Doctor Who musical. AVbyte makes a lot of great musicals on YouTube.

  3. Thanks for the tag! I've never done anything like this before, but I love Doctor Who, and it looks fun, so I'll give it a shot! When do we start? :)

    1. Thanks for deciding to do the challenge! :) There isn't really a certain day to begin, so start whenever you'd like!