Monday, December 17, 2012

Nick Pitera

Since April, I have been a fan of Nick Pitera, who is a singer on YouTube.  Although he is an incredibly talented singer, singing isn't really his job; he works as an animator at Pixar Studios.  He's worked on "Brave" and the Pixar short, "La Luna".  He once auditioned for Glee, but I don't think Glee is good enough for him.  I think he should be on Broadway.  He has a very impressive vocal range - he can reach both high notes and low notes, which means he's able to sing both the female and the male part of a duet.

I love his cover of the songs from The Phantom of the Opera, which is my favorite Broadway musical.

I also love his cover of many of the songs from Les Miserables, my second favorite Broadway musical.

He's great at acting and performing, as well.  This is a Disney song medley he made.  He acts out every character, whether it be the hero or the heroine, or the villain.  And it's all sung by him!

This is his tribute to The Lion King musical, which is based off of one of my favorite Disney movies.  At the end he's singing on the stage at The Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco (he made this when The Lion King was showing in San Francisco).  The Lion King is also a favorite Broadway musical of mine.  I love the culture, the songs, the atmosphere, everything in this musical.  It's so cool how the costumes are artistic and made to represent aspects of nature, or animals.  It's a magnificent musical, and in my opinion, one of the best.  The costumes are breathtaking.  They're beautifully made, well thought out, and very detailed.   

I really like his version of "Someone Like You", by Adele.  He sings it in his low voice.    

"Better Days" is Nick Pitera's first original single.  This is the music video:

I like "Better Days" - it has a beautiful sound, and a hopeful message.  I'm looking forward to hearing more of his music in the future!


  1. I'd heard him before but never paid him much attention. Cool!

  2. I LOVE Nick Pitera! Usually I find it really creepy and unsettling when I hear men sing soprano but Nick's voice sounds weirdly beautiful even when he's singing as Christine and Cosette! It's so awesome that he works for Pixar as well. Disney really needs to get him to sing in one of their movies!