Sunday, December 16, 2012

A True Artist

I think this might be my favorite out of all of Jessie J's concerts.  I love the glittery golden dress she's wearing, and how her spirited enthusiasm radiates about her on the stage.  She puts all of her heart and soul into this performance, as she does with every performance.  I don't think she stopped devoting all of her energy to her performance until after the concert was over.  She's a true artist!  She's where she belongs, performing for an audience.  It's clear that she truly loves her fans, and you can tell by her smile that she loves when the audience participates in singing the songs.  She is such a talented singer.  Her vocals are incredible!  She has so much control, and there is so much power in the volume she projects.

Here is the live performance of "Laserlight"and "Domino" from this concert, which took place at Camden Roundhouse in London.  I like this version of "Laserlight" better than the original.  To me, it has a nicer sound, and I like how she sang the notes here.

And here is the live performance of "Who You Are" at Camden Roundhouse.

A song I have been listening to recently by Jessie J is "Technology".  Here are the lyrics:

This song is about how the people of the present day world are steadily becoming more and more engulfed by technology.  We seem to be spending more time facing a screen than looking at a real person.  It's ironic that I'm saying this, when I am looking at a screen while typing this.  It's as if our world has been transported onto a screen.  Since we are social creatures, this lack of face-to-face contact is damaging to us both mentally and emotionally.  We are losing contact with the real world, and are instead living in a false, fragile, and superficial world, where things are no longer real.  In a way, technology is replacing people.  Jessie reflects on this in a clever way through this song.  Here, in this video, she sings a live version of the song.  She explains the meaning of this song before singing it.  I like the outfit she wears in this video.  It's a nice violet color, and makes me think of abstract art.  After she sings a bit of "Technology", she sings some of "L.O.V.E." as well.  "L.O.V.E." is on her album "Who You Are".  

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