Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big White Room

This is one of my absolute favorite songs by Jessie J.  I think it's one of her best.  The live version of this song, which is on her album "Who You Are", is amazing.  Her vocals are very, very impressive.  "Big White Room" has a beautiful and therapeutic sound.  It's one of the first songs by her that I heard, when I first discovered her music.

Note:  I forgot to mention what the meaning of this song is.  "Big White Room" is about when Jessie J was in London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, when she was eleven years old.  She was being treated for an irregular heartbeat.  A friendship grew between her and a boy she shared the room with.  One night she woke up to see the boy praying to God that he would live, as he would have an operation the next day.  The next day, he passed away.  Here is a quote from Jessie J about this song:  "He died the next day so I said to my mum 'but God didn't save him'. I was so angry and it really confused me. I always wanted to write a song about the experience, but I knew I had to be of an age where it wasn't tacky or depressing and had a lightness to it."  Jessie decided that the live version sounded best, and as I stated above, it is on her album "Who You Are".  This is a very emotional and meaningful song.  "Big White Room" is the first song Jessie J wrote.  

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