Thursday, January 22, 2015

ACWNR Part 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second part of A Choice With No Regrets is out!  I may or may not be freaking out right now.  A Choice With No Regrets tells the story of how Levi joined the Recon Corps (sort of a prequel to Attack on Titan).

The part I love most about the trailer is Levi's smile!  He rarely smiles, in fact I think this might be the only time I've ever seen him smile.

Some of my favorite moments from the trailer... 

Wow, Levi looks really angry here. O__O

I just noticed that some of the blood is in his hair too.

I wonder what caused this facial expression.  Levi is rarely this expressive.  Something really bad must have happened in this scene.

I love the first episode and can't wait to see the second.  Levi Ackerman is my favorite character, so I'm really excited about this.

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