Friday, June 14, 2013

Feeling Conflicted

I'm feeling conflicted about the gothic metal (or as I like to say, gothic rock) band "We Are the Fallen".  We Are the Fallen was created after Ben Moody, Rocky Gray, and John LeCompt left Evanescence to form their own separate band.  Ben Moody split from Evanescence when he and Amy Lee's contrasting creative outlooks clashed.  The lead singer of We Are the Fallen is Carly Smithson, an Irish American and a Dubliner (I know Dubliner refers to a person that presently resides in Dublin, but as Carly Smithson was born in Dublin, I like to call her a Dubliner), who used to be a contestant on American Idol.

A lot of people constantly compare Evanescence with We Are the Fallen.  In my view, these comparisons are unavoidable, seeing that We Are the Fallen gave themselves a title that obviously refers back to Evanescence's first album.

My conflicted feelings towards We Are the Fallen stem from their relationship with Evanescence.  Some view We Are the Fallen as unoriginal and a copycat of Evanescence's music.  I thought this when I first discovered We Are the Fallen, and I really hated their band then.  But since then my opinion of them has softened.  We Are the Fallen does sound a lot like Evanescence, but only the songs of their first album, Fallen.  Since Fallen, Evanescence's music style has changed and developed.  They now sound nothing like We Are the Fallen.  We Are the Fallen is also changing.  Their music is developing into their own style more and more.  Presently, We Are the Fallen and Evanescence do not sound all that similar.

Below are some songs by We Are the Fallen that I have recently taken a liking to.

"I Am Only One":

Evanescence would usually include a lot of piano in a song like "I Am Only One", but We Are the Fallen uses stringed instruments (in this case, mostly cello).

"Tear the World Down":

I really like the sound of Carly Smithson's voice.  Her voice differs from Amy Lee's in that it sounds rougher and more gravely, like a rock star's singing voice.  Amy Lee is a fantastic rock singer, but her voice is deep, clear, piercing, and floating, as though the song she were singing had's difficult to describe her singing voice with words.

"Sleep Well, My Angel":

I know I should let go and appreciate We Are the Fallen for what it is, but I can't shake the feeling I'm betraying Evanescence by listening to their music.  As a loyal Evanescence fan, I don't like this feeling. Despite this, I do enjoy We Are the Fallen's music, and I'll continue to listen to it.

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