Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Guitar

When my grandparents visited my family during Thanksgiving break a while ago, my grandpa bought me a guitar.  My grandpa is a guitarist (he also sings and plays the harmonica).  He has made two albums.  Whenever my family went to visit my grandparents when I was little, my grandpa would play the guitar and I would dance to his music in the living room.  That was when my mom realized I liked to dance and thought of putting me in a ballet class, but that's a whole other story.  

I had wanted to play guitar for a long time, so I was very excited about getting one.  That's my guitar in the picture below.  It's a "Taylor" guitar.  My grandpa thought I should get a nylon stringed guitar to start, but I wanted a steel stringed guitar.  I used to play violin, so I'm used to having calluses on my finger tips.  My fingers will just toughen up again anyway.  

I'm learning to play a lot of Taylor Swift songs on it.  "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was the first song I learned to play.  Now I'm working on knowing all of the chords, and I'm teaching myself how to play "Hurt".  

Here is the cover of Hurt by Johnny Cash.  The original song is by Nine Inch Nails.

This song is just so heartbreaking.  I feel especially sad while watching the music video because it somehow reminds me of my great grandpa, who I miss very much.  Although I am very impressed by the talent of Trent Reznor, who is the writer of this song, I still personally prefer Johnny Cash's version.  I feel that Johnny Cash has the emotional power to convey the message of Hurt.  Johnny Cash is amazing.  He will always be my favorite country singer, along with Patsy Cline.  


  1. Guitar is one of the instruments on my "to learn list". Yours looks really nice. :)
    I prefer Johnny Cashes version too.

    1. Thanks! I think most people prefer Johnny Cash's version.